About Me


My name is Adriana and I’m the founder of the luxury handmade greeting card brand Mrs Lovesy. My mission is to create luxury cards that are not just noticed but remembered. All my cards are hand-finished with crystals to add a touch of decadence.

As a mother of three small children, I understand the pressures that can be involved in working and trying to raise a family, so I actively seek to employ uk mothers to help me with the hand-finishing of my products. These mothers are wanting to return to the world of work and/or may otherwise be excluded. In addition to supporting them in returning to work, I also offer flexible working hours to suit their schedules and the option to work from home for anything up to 100% of their time. I want to encourage these fabulous women to remain in employment for the long-term.

Best wishes and sunshine smiles,

Adriana Lovesy

“Send a card, deliver a smile”

- Greeting Card Association UK